Palm Oil

Palm oil is very versatile, meaning it is used in a huge number of food and beauty products. Mass production of palm oil is controversial however and is associated with deforestation and loss of wildlife habitat, negatively impacting numerous protected animal species.

Manufacturers often ‘hide’ palm oil in product ingredients lists as ‘vegetable oil’, to avoid these negative associations.

As a result, many people advocate banning use of palm oil or seek out products which don’t contain palm oil to avoid supporting such practices.

Whilst we understand this perspective, at Kind & Loving we believe it is vital both raise awareness of palm oil use and the way in which it is produced and also to create a market for sustainable palm oil.

If the market for sustainable palm oil is not supported, production will only continue in less sustainable ways which are more harmful to the environment, wildlife and the local population.

We only use sustainable palm oil from a certified RSPO member, to ensure our products do not contribute to harming animals, the environment or local communities.

This WWF video provides more information.

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